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The company SIA "ORANŽNAMI" was established on 2nd February 2005. When our company was making its first steps on the Latvian real estate market the welcome page of our web-site opened with the words:

"ORANŽNAMI” is a young and forward-looking company, a local real estate market player.

Years have passed … That was not an easy yet interesting time on the Latvian real estate market, when the period of rocketing prices and unprecedented lending boom transformed into a severe crisis; dozens or real estate businesses made their retreat from the market, while many went bankrupt.

Our company triumphantly emerged from all ordeals. We never changed the name of our company in the attempts to conceal any episodes of past failure; for many years now our customers have been coming to our office that is still located to the same address: Riga city, Aleksandra Čaka Street 70-52а. Moreover, today we accept the crisis that has shattered the real estate market with gratitude: it helped us to become more knowledgeable, wise and flexible.

Now we can assert with full responsibility that:

 "ORANŽNAMI" is an experienced team of professionals successfully operating on the Latvian real estate market since 2005!
  • We feel sure of ourselves! 
  • We feel sure of our brand!
  • We feel sure of the object that we sell!
  • We feel sure of the service that we provide!

Having a professional eye for Latvian real estate market, we monitor the trends in various market segments; we are highly responsive to any price changes. Years of successful operation and dozens of successfully closed deals allowed us to establish close relationship with banks and other credit institutions, certified real estate appraisers and notary’s offices. Our legal support service will help to get to the bottom of any, even most intricate contract, provide expert legal guidance to assist the customer through all aspects of the deal and ensure maximum protection of customer interests.

On 1 July 2010 amendments to the Latvian immigration law went into force providing additional possibilities of obtaining a residence permit for foreign investors in Latvia, which automatically ensures the right to move freely across the territory of all countries of the Schengen area. One of the ways to get a temporary residence permit is to acquire real estate in Latvia.

Welcome to Latvia! Make yourself an EU citizen!

  • We will find you an appropriate real estate object for investment;
  • We will complete all formalities to ensure that title to the real estate is registered in your name;
  • We will provide professional assistance in preparation of the required documents package and successful obtaining of the residence permit in the Latvian Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs.

Real estate broker company "Oranžnami"!

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