Long term rental

"ORANŽNAMI" is the company offering the full scope of services on the real estate market. We do not use standard approach to our customers and their tasks; we treat every case as a unique challenge asking for a tailor-made solution.

Sale of real estate is our core business

We are proud of being sellers of real estate and consider this business a higher form of trade, both challenging and fascinating!

Our key task in dealing with the seller is to sell you real estate property for the price that is going to bring you maximum profit.

We do not merely bring together a seller and a buyer; there is much more to it than that: we  provide advice on the optimum price of the object and give reasonable recommendations in cases when the seller has an intention to sell the object within the shortest possible time period; we assist in preparation of the necessary certificates and documents for completion of the deal, we conduct negotiations with the buyer and his representatives, deal with whatever unexpected issues, which may arise in the course of the deal, as well as do many other things.

Having concluded an exclusive agreement with us you will be provided with a wide scope of opportunities and services; our cooperation will be brought up on a whole new level. Listed below are just a few advantages granted by our exclusive agreement:

  • Your protection as a seller of real estate from criminal elements and incompetence; 
  • Your confidence that your financial and legal interests are represented by a team of experiences professionals; 
  • Time saving and cutting off unnecessary and useless contacts; 
  • Efficient advertising.

Cooperation on the basis of exclusive agreements, which prove seriousness of the customers’ intentions, is a priority for our company. Without an exclusive agreement you will find yourself in a less advantageous position compared to those customers who selected that specific form of cooperation. Surely, that does not mean that our Agent is going to ignore your requirements. Yet, this simply means that every move will take a bit longer time. The final choice is yours though …

Exclusivity of relationship is your guarantee of advantageous cooperation!

We consider that the ultimate performance of our obligations to the seller is the moment when the seller receives the full amount of required settlement for the sold real estate.

Real estate acquisition

With the vast data base of apartments, individual houses, land plots, commercial and other purpose premises offered for sale across the territory of Latvia we are able to satisfy the demands of a most sophisticated client. We can arrange for a visit to the object at any time convenient for both parties (the seller and the buyer), including weekends and public holidays.

While working with the buyers, our main task is to sell you the best real estate object out of all available within the specified price category.

Yet another reminder to all our customers – the most secure and safe way to execute sales & purchase agreement is to operate via an escrow account specially opened for that purpose in any bank of your choice!

We have experience in arranging complicated and non-standard deals, such for example, where real estate is sold via a tender or involving a municipality that possesses the right of first refusal. The situations when the real state offered for sale is mortgaged with a bank or is burdened with huge utility debts have now become almost trivial and do not pose any problem for our company.

We consider that the ultimate performance of our obligations to the buyer is the moment when the buyer receives all the documents confirming his title to the real estate and successfully moves to a new home!

Loan arrangements

Despite the fact that given the current market environment lending no longer plays the key role in real estate acquisition compared to the lending boom that dominated the market several years ago, both big Latvian banks and non-bank credit institutions do issue loans, although in much lesser amounts!

Quite frequently customers are lacking information about the available lending opportunities and provisions of mortgage loans. We cooperate with a range of credit institutions and possess most recent information on various lending offers currently available on the market.

Our concern is that a borrower’s positive credit history would assist in securing him an active real estate market player’s place in the future as well!

Formalisation of documents

It is not an easy task even for an expert, not to talk about an ordinary person, to find one’s way around all the intricacies of Latvian legislation concerning real estate market, changes in tax laws and document execution procedures.

In order to feel sure about the legal transparency of a deal and protection of your interests it is reasonable and advisable to have recourse to professional assistance.

Highly competent legal advisors of our company

  • Carry out an expertise of the documents confirming title to the real estate;
  • Discover existence of any possible encumbrances;
  • Prepare all preliminary agreements, earnest money agreements, etc.;
  • Formalise purchase, gift, exchange, lease and rent agreements;
  • Vest in the buyer the legal title to the property in the Land book.

Real estate lease (rent)

Both for our guests and for those who for various reasons are not ready yet to acquire ownership of the real estate we offer a wide range of apartments, flats, single family houses for rent (lease), as well as lease of office premises and industrial objects.

We will find place of accommodation or a customer for you, formalise all the required documents, in other words, we will save you the trouble and your time!

Legal advice

We provide advice to our customers on a wide range of issues: beginning with real estate appraisal and placement of information about the flat (house, land plot) in some particular database up to the matters concerning legal property title, inheritance, insurance and taxation.

Thus, as of 1 January 2010 the capital gains tax has been introduced in Latvia, which should be paid by the real estate seller and arises from the difference between the real estate alienation and acquisition cost. This is a complicated scheme that participants of virtually every real estate deal have to face now! However, at the same time there exist legitimate methods of diminishing the tax amount without getting into conflict with the legislation. And this is just one example!

The company will be ready to become an objective and unbiased advisor for its customers, who prefer to finance real estate acquisition by credit resources.

To those who wish to rent residential space, we offer professional advice on the matters concerning apartment lease (rent).

There are no issues in the real estate sphere that we would be incapable to help you to deal with!

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